Posted by: amani77 | December 12, 2010

Sync iPhone photos to iPhoto Wirelessly (beta)


There are a few apps that will sync the photos in your camera roll back to iPhoto wirelessly. But I figured there is a much simpler way:

1. If you haven’t already got a Dropbox account, go and set one up at and then download the Dropbox app from the iTunes AppStore here.
2. Create new folder in your DropBox called something relevant like “PhotoSync”
3. Open the Automator app and start a new project of type “Folder Action”

4. Select the folder you created above to attach the Folder Action to
5. Add a Finder Action of “Find Finder Items” and define it as below (Kind is Image)

3. Add a Photos action of “Import files into iPhoto” and define it as follows.

If you would like to keep your sync folder tidy, check the box to “delete original files from source after import”.

4. There is no Step 4. Thats it!

I have tagged this method “beta” as it sometimes duplicates the imported images in iPhoto and am yet to work out the reason for that – if you do please drop us a line.

Posted by: amani77 | May 6, 2010

iPhone OS 4 – what’s missing

On March 24th, Apple previewed it’s next major release of the iphone os; iPhone OS 4. The new os has over 1500 new APIs for developers and over 100 new user features including multitasking and folders for apps.
I have been running this new OS for a few weeks and while it is a good update, its still lacking some features that we have come to expect from smartphones.
Here are what I feel are the substantial features still missing from the iPhone platform:

Profiles: profiles would enable a user to switch multiple settings at the touch of the screen. One could set up a “bed time” profile to put the phone in silent mode, lower the screen brightness, turn on airplane mode etc

Widgets: utilized in almost every other smartphone platform, widgets give the user digestible information without the need for running individual apps. Widgets would especially shine on the iPad’s larger screen and could be implemented in a similar way to Mac OS X.

Smart folders in Mail: In OS 4, Apple has added a unified inbox for all the email accounts. What would however be even more awesome would be the ability to create and save smart folder based on search criteria. These could then be synced with the MobileMe cloud and across devices.

Shared file system: whilst I understand Apple’s desire to obliviate the file system as we know it, apps still need to share and pass information between each other. There has been some headway in this area but it still leaves a lot to be desired. What I would like to see if a shared location in the same manner as the photos library where apps can drop and pick files from. Ideally this would also sync to the cloud.

Podcast Subscription: its great that I can search and watch podcasts from the iTunes app on the iPad. However, what would be even more useful would be if I could actually subscribe to my favorite podcasts and then get alerted when new episodes are available to watch.

Built-in cloud service: If you have used DropBox you will know exactly where I am going with this. Currently, the method of getting documents in and out of the iPhone OS 4 is a bad joke (using iTunes!). Even Windows Mobile’s ActiveSync could at least synchronize any selected folders. What’s needed is a DropBox type of service thats baked right into the OS. If Apple is then unwilling to provide a local shared location for information exchange, then the cloud service could prove to be an even better solution.

Btw, this is my first post from the iPad. I drafted it in Pages and copied the final into the WordPress app.

Posted by: amani77 | April 16, 2010

Downgrade from iPhone OS 4 (to 3.1.3)

If you are in the boat I was and need to go back to the safe haven that is 3.1.3, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Unplug (if plugged in) and turn off your iPhone: not to be confused with putting your phone in stand-by, press and hold the power button until a “Slid to power off”  is displayed. Then, slide to power off.

Step 2: While pressing down the Home button, connect your iPhone to the computer. Keep holding down the Home button until you see a “Connect to itunes” on the phone. If iTunes is open, it will prompt you restore your iPhone. Click “Restore” in iTunes and let it do its thing

Step 3: At the end of the restore, you will get an error 1015. This is normal.

Step 4: Quit and exit out of iTunes.

Step 5: Download BlackRa1n from and run it

Step 6: Click the “Make it Rain” button in BlackRa1n and the iPhone screen should go black.

Step 7: Wait a couple of minutes and then unplug and  turn off the iPhone

Step 8: Turn the iPhone back on and it should boot as normal

Step 9: You can now restore your backup from iTunes and resync all your apps and media

Step 10: Go back to and make a donation!

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